World Domination.

Post date: 04-May-2010 17:51:41

I think My Monkey is try to take over the world.


I think My Monkey is bent on world dominations, at the moment he has three computers going in two different rooms, which he keeps running between. He is up to something big, He's got to be, he wouldn't have all these machines running without a reason. I think the reason is he wants to rule the world.

Huh! I say. He doesn't know it, but I all ready run things. I shall let him think that he is in charge, while I get on, in the back ground making things work. It's going to take more than three computers to run everything.

That's right. I RUN EVERYTHING! I am at the centre of the universe, I am your DOG. Got it!

Now, if I can only get My Monkey to stop his stupid quest and get back to the job of worshipping me, then all will be fine in the world. If not. Look Out World!

To My Loyal and Disloyal Subjugated Subjects,

Chow for Now.