The Dogs of Bore..

Post date: 20-Dec-2010 16:47:17

Hello and Sit!

"Good Monkey. Now stay. Stay...STAY. Good boy!"

"Who's a good boy then!" "Who's a good boy then!"

Now I can start talking at you. You will be able to read this if you use Doogle Translation. Just mash the keyboard with those pudgy finger things of yours. You'll get it....

To begin. I was taking My Monkey for walkies tonight, "I SAID STAY!" to continue...... and when we gets near the Lucy Cave, there appeared in my street, a bloody big rude German Shepard. Dog Damit! It was that biatch that swears at me all the time, when ever I prance past it's place.

This time I was not going to let things slide. This time I was going to teach that mongrel a lesson, a lesson that would stick!

So, monkey in tow, I round the corner, head at the dumb arse dog and grab that biatches throat in my mouth. I gives that dumb dog a good bite, I shake hard, you know, to snap it's stupid neck and the bloody thing gets away. I mean, what? How the flying fick did that thing's throat get out of my mouth? I tell you, it has got be it had a fat neck. That has got to be it. There is no way a stupid male excuse for a dog could ever get the better of your Queen Lucy.

Anywhoooo, the dumb dog scrams, and My Monkey comes running up and cups his bony finger things below my chin and squawks something at me that sounds like "NO". He squawks this at me several times, just in case in his mind, I don't understand. What ever he was on about I will never know. Who know's what is going through their tiny little minds sometimes.

Well, the dumb German Shepard is gone, My Monkey has crossed the road (yeah, just like the chicken) and we are on our way home. Overall, a not to bad ending to the night.

Chow for now Biatches!

Queen Lucy