Morning walk getting dangerous

Post date: 07-Apr-2010 23:32:12

Took my Monkey for a walk this morning and while we were walking along some other monkey tried to kick me!

Would you believe he lunged at me and tried to put the boot in. I dodged out of the way and gave him a mouth full, yes sir'ry! indeed.

Meanwhile My Monkey starts to yell at this other monkey as he runs at him and he continues to screech at him in a threatening manner to scare the other monkey away from me.

The other other stupid monkey screeches back, but I can tell he is scared! He turns and walks off, I can smell the fear on him. I can see that My Monkey wants to hit the other young stupid monkey, but he holds back.

Next time I will bite the stupid young monkey if I see him again.

The rest of the walk went fine. I picked up my pee-mail and got home without incident.

All's well that ends well I guess.