Big Girls Don't Fly..yi yi yi yi

Post date: 22-May-2010 16:28:09

Hello my Peeps!

Went with My Monkey today back to the old cave. Got catch with another of his monkey sisters. Gaud he has a lot of them. I think he is the only old male monkey left and he isn't even top of the clan! That's f%ck up, for a monkey, I mean. I have noticed in Monkey Societies, even the hairless ones, the male is usually the head of the clan, not this one! In My Monkey's clan, the Female Monkeys rule the roost. This is the way it should be. In our clan all the Female Dogs are heads of the clans. Makes sense really. The Males are, after all, the lesser sex. I mean, think about it, everytime there is danger, they rush in without thinking first, we look, thinks then act, not the other way around. Everytime there is another female around, they try to mate with it, we are picky. Everytime the head of the clan dies, they fight for the head position, we just sit back and watch and get the job anyway.

Yep, being Top Bitch is the way to go.

It is good to be Dog.


Lucy Lue