Limited Imagination

Post date: 25-Apr-2010 16:53:17


Been spending more and more time watching the behavior of My Monkey and other monkeys around the place. It seem that they have a very limited range of behaviours. I have noticed that they leave their caves, go out, come back a lot, lot later, eat watch the glass box and use the interwebs, sleep, get up and eat and go out again. Rinse and Repeat. It is all they seem to do.

It has been my observations and those of other anthropologists and monkey behaviourists, that monkeys seem to show limited behaviours, lack of imagination, small and restricted language sets and a modicum of intelligence.

Though, I do think that My Monkey does seem to show the intelligence level a 5 yr old dog. He sometimes amazes me when I talk to him or communicate in rudimentary sign language to him, which I have taught him over the years.

Last night I was after my dinner earlier than usual, so to tell My Monkey, I took him outside and tapped my food bowl with foot and pointed at it a few times. He seemed to get the gist, but shook his head as if to say no. I did this a few times and he keep shaking his head. I think he was not ready to get my dinner for me, by way of his gestures.

So it just goes to show, "That you can teach an old monkey new tricks". I have taught My Monkey some language skills and he sometimes surprises me with what would pass as a basic level intelligence. Makes me wonder if they have feelings?

Bye for now