Morning Walk 2.0

Post date: 08-Apr-2010 21:39:32

Took My Monkey out this morning, later than usual, he slept in.Had to yell at him to get him up. Damned My Monkey sounds like a freight train when he sleeps.

Anyhoooo, when out to get my usual burger and fries, none! WTF? Nobody had dropped anything on the ground this morning. How am I suppose to get my junk food fix if there isn't any junk food! What? Is there a friggin food shortage??

Saw another new dog on my walk, when I went to go over to it and say hello and bite it, you know, my normal thing, My Monkey stuck a rope on my necklace and pull me away. Stupid My Monkey, what does he think he is, God? I told him off for being mean, not letting me bite the other dogs as they deserve, I mean who is going to keep them in line and under control? Other Stupid Monkeys! I mean, what is this world coming too? The stupid hairless monkeys does even read! Every morning I go out and pickup my Pee-Mail and My Monkey doesn't even read it, sure he pretends sometimes by sniffing and then making a "pee-u" noise, but he ain't fooling no one.

Saw that other Young Stupid Monkey that tried to kick me. He looks scared he made to cross to the other side of the road, changed his mind, looked away, came towards me, made to cross again, then changed his mind again. There were other monkeys around at that time, so I guess he thought that he was safe, but boy was he crapping in his pants. Very funny indeed! I scared him good and proper! Very funny.

Thats it for now.

Bye and Woof.