A Very Merry Dogmass..

Post date: 24-Dec-2010 06:25:25

Gather Ye Around,

For a tail of Dogmass...

"Twas the night before Dogmass and nothing was stirring, not even a cat", I ate that.

"All were in bed and I in a hat" russell, russell.

"Monkeys were sleeping, no doorbells were beeping" scamper.

"I was fat, for I ate a cat" russell russell.

"Now the clock struck 12"


"all were dead to the world"

"and up in the air, Doggieclaws took flight."

"Bringing bones and kibble to all good beings, that night, Doggieclaws in his Red Suit was such a great sight." Scamper, scrap, RUSSELL RUSSELL.

"On Pringles, On Biatches, On Dashound, On Stiches", russell, scamper, scratch scratch.

"On Smackos, On Fleas, On Spot, On Twitches"

"Fly on, so we may deliver presents to all My Bitches"

"And On and On, through all the night, did Doggieclaws fly his Sleigh with great delight" scratch scratch, scamper.....

Some one kill that f*%king mouse all ready. So wish I hadn't eaten that cat now. Anyhow, back to the story....

"Doggiesclaws is reading his list, he is checking it twice. He wants to make sure, all have been good and all have been nice"

"On Pringles, On Biatches, On Dashound, On Stiches"

"On Smackos, On Fleas, On Spot, On Twitches"

"Fly higher, fly faster, fly harder, fly quicker"

"We must deliver, we must not differ, before the prices change, from the retail sticker"

"Oh fly did Doggieclaws, oh fly did he"

"For many presents to deliver before morning, must be done"

"Otherwise the contract will go to FedEx, the scum!"

"Doggieclaws and Sleigh, Doggieclaws and Presents, Doggieclaws and Sleigh Dogs, did travel the heavens"

now we come to your abode...

"A WooF! A Bark! A THUD on the roof, the Sleigh did park"

"A scamper, not mouse, a Doggieclaws did enter the house"

"Down chimney came he, with sack and fleas"

"With presents and lice"

"All covered in ice"

"For all that were good, a present did they get"

"For all that were bad, a big resounding double overdraft of debt"

"Taking the milk, and taking cookies, Doggieclaws left like a red clad Wookie"

"To One, To All, Too Many! I bring you all joy and little comfort if any"

"For in presents, the joy, only lasts till exchanged for some pennies"

"Doggieclaws has left the building"

"So up into the sky, did Doggieclaws and his Sleight take flight"

"For return, he must, to take back the rental that night"

"Goodnight to My Bitches, Goodnight to my many"

"A Merry Dogmass to all, and many happy endings"

"For now we will leave the tail here"

"To finish it off, with some Dogmass Cheer"

"Merry Dogmass to all, To all a Good Night"

"I'm out, I'm gone, I am off to get Beer"

"And with that, He took flight"


To All My Biatches and Monkeys.

A Very, Merry Dogmass.