Witching Hour.

Post date: 19-Apr-2010 14:44:07


My Monkey is now standing under the cold running water in the pee-mail room. Not in the pee-mail sender, he is in the long blue hole, standing there letting cold water run down from the gadget sticking out of the wall.

You know what this means? Walkies!!

About bl*%dy time! I will have a whole back log of pee-mails to pickup and send, that is, if the rain hasn't washed it all away. I am really starting to think of using the indoor pee-mail sender that My Monkey uses all the time. I am always leaving him pee-mail messages everywhere and he never picks them up. Wonder if he has discovered email yet? I have seen him bashing away at the keyboard, so you never know.

Anyhoo, time to go and move him along. Got to get out and communicate with me peeps.

Chow for now