I am Venus

Post date: 27-Apr-2010 14:41:34

Heilo My Pretties.

As I was prancing around the neighbourhood last night, all the other jealous dog that where locked inside by their monkeys were going off their respective nuts and vaginas. I was free biatches, FREE! My Monkey doesn't lock me away, he know that I have to spread my beauty around like fat on hot bread, that he gives me, sometimes.

Anyhooo, so I is walking, I is strutting, I is looking good and BHAM! There it is. Sitting right there in the middle of the road acting like its the poop. I mean, well I never! Just who does it think it is? Hmmm? A Dog Damned CAT! A Friggin PUSSY !!@!!

It looks at me, pooped it self, tells me, me!, to go get carnal with myself and my mother and it runs, it runs like it has never run before, it's a maniac, maniac I know, so I chase it. Damned shite cat got aways. Well, really I lets it get away. I stopped killing the little deadlys awhile ago. Now, I just chase them, you know, for fun. Before, I used to kill them for fun and to save the world from this evil menace. If the Monkeys only know of their evil intentions to take over the world, if they only know......

So, that was my night and now, good night to you all and safe pooping.