Fat Boy Slim.

Post date: 18-May-2010 17:31:23


Got My Monkey to walk with me tonight without hassling him. Amazing.

Anyhoooooo, I have been dropping my summer coat all over the cave, sorry, house building insides, for awhile now. Every day I get thinner and thinner, while My Monkey gets fatter and fatter. It's funny! He has bulges everywhere. Bulges on his tummy, bulges on his arms, bulges on his legs, even bulges on his back and shoulders. His neck is also slowly disappearing! I lose my coat twice a year and get thin, he just gets fatter and fatter and fatter! Get this, he even has to cut the coat on his head all the time! Can you believe it! What a weird animal. I bet if he stopped lifting that shiny bar with the black disks on it, up and down all the time, he would stop getting all these bulges. My Stupid Fat Monkey.

But, I still love him, well his food at any rate.


Lucy Lue