Surf's up!

Post date: 12-Apr-2010 14:40:17

Hi ya,

Went into my indoor pee-mail room today, and there was water everywhere. Whoo Who! Easy access to a drink, right next to the white pee-mail machine. I am thinking, no need to go outside now. Drink and send pee-mails all from the one place. I got it made!

No so.....

Sad Face...

My Monkey gets on the telling bone and starts to shreek. "Gabba Gabba Plumber Gabba Gabba Bye."

Next thing I know two other Monkeys turn up in a Big White Mobile Kennel. My Monkey controls a Blue Mobile Kennel that he sometimes moves me around in when we go to see other monkeys and dogs, I digress.

Anyhooooo, these two new monkeys, whom I say hello to, I also scope out the dog that owns them (I can smell him on their leg furs), start pulling metal pipes from out of the wall, the ones where the fresh water is coming from. Before I know it, the water stops coming out of the wall. DAMN AND DAM.

Goodbye to convenience in the convenience. Now I have to go out side to send my pee-mail and drink. Bugger.

One of these days My Monkey, POW! Right in the kisser!

Chow for now,