Day Walkers.

Post date: 14-Apr-2010 07:58:45

Hello biatches!

I got My Monkey to take me for a walk today, during the day, with the sun up in the sky and everything.

So's, we are walking along, me dragging his sorry ass along, damned My Monkey is as slow as, sheesh! and a bunch of younger monkeys walks towards us's. They must have been about 15 in monkey years old, and the little buggers start to make strange sounds, not screeching, not grunting, or oou oou oouing as they normally do, but moo mooing and and baa baaing. They were trying to talk! It was most funny!

These country monkeys can be quiet strange, trying to talk like cows and sheep! Don't they know that their brains are not sophisticated enough to talk like us? I thinks the monkeys spend waaaayyyyy too much time with the farm people. Respect! Well.... you gotta respect your food sources. Go Cow! Go Sheep! Hmmmmm?

So, yeah! I got out today. Lets just hope that I won't have to spend so much energy to drag My Monkey out again.

Bye Yal,