A Years Gone and I am Still Home.

Post date: 19-Sep-2012 11:33:40

Hello Biatches.

Over a year since I have been on here. Time does go faster as you get older. I said, "you get older", not I !

Anywhooo, A lot has happened since I was last on here. Got sick, had two big operations. One removed some internal plumbing to save my life and the other a lump in my chest, to also save my life.

No matter what life throws at me, balls, cats, tumours, nothing is going to get me to back down!! I am, as all ways, Queen Lucy. Your King...sorry, Queen. Ruler of you all. Top Dog. Head Huncho'. The Big Cheese..... hmmmmmm cheese.......

Well, you get the picture. Well some of you might, the rest, just ignorant fools and cats. Best be assured, I still have your best interests in mind, under my rule, as your Queen.

What else to tell?? Well, not too long ago I got lost in a mysterious fog, for eight hours, at some strange house and some Male Monkey in a white mobile kennel returned me to My Monkey's cave. That was an interesting event. The Male Monkey put a rope around my neck. Around my neck! The nerve of some monkeys. I will not forget this transgression lightly. He shall be made to pay.

Not had lots of visitors lately. Though one dog did follow I and My Monkey home to our cave. This other beastie stole my dinner bowl. Horrible little male twerp dog it was.

As to other things, I will tell you more later. This is all for now. Have to go and pretend to be "The Dog". My monkey has returned and I don't want it to see me on it's computer. It gets upset about it for some reason. Ignorant fool it is sometimes. Best let it think it is in charge. I get better food that way.

So, bye for now

I am out

Your Queen, Lucy.