Nipple Nuts

Post date: 20-Jun-2013 02:44:22


I know, I know, it's been some time. Well, a longggggg time. But, not a lot to tell really, till now, and then, still, not a lot to tell, but I am telling it.

Once again, I had to have another operation. Removed another nipple. Down to about six left, so far. I am fast running out of nipples. My Poor Monkey only has two! Unlucky bastard. My Monkey has nipples and he can't even make milk. Bit of wasted skin, if you ask me. Hairless monkeys are such silly creatures.

Anyhow, less nipples, sameo' sameo'.

New thing of late, My Monkey has taken to screeching into sticks and making the screeching play back. He calls the sticks Microphone or Mic. I mean, who in their right mind names a stick?? A stick! He keeps giving these Mic's oral tests, and they seem to keep failing. I hear him, "Test, Test, Test 1 2" and the Mics never seem to pass the test. I guess these sticks are stupid my Stupid Monkey, STICKS CAN'T THINK! Stupid Monkey.

So watching My Monkey giving tests to sticks he calls Mic, is hilarious. Doesn't get any better than this! I really do have some entertaining pets.

Thats it for now.

Later Biatchs.

Queen Lucy out.