Shake, Rattle and Roll.

Post date: 17-Apr-2010 02:03:42


How's it hanging? It's not for me. LoL.

We went, My Monkey and I, visiting to my old house in Adelaide, last night. I had steak, chicken and minced patties, cheese and cheese toasties with bolenaise sause. Arright!

It was the bomb! (better be careful with that word, echelon might be listening!) I was sooooo fat, I had to lie down for 3 or more hours. mmmmmmmm. Nice food other monkeys!

Anyhow, after hanging with My Monkey's female family members whom I also know, we came home in my mobile kennel and get this, he wouldn't give me dinner or go walking with me. The cheek of him! So I gives him the look. You know, the one that tells him that he is utter shite, and total bastard and he just bares his teeth and me and make "awwwww" noises. Screw him! I went to bed.


Next thing I know, the windows and walls are shaking and their was a very, very load thump, almost a bang sound. Normally I would see that coming but My Monkey had pissed me off so much that I missed it. Stupid idiot thought that it just was truck crashing into the house next door or something. He is was talking on the tellingbone at the time and didn't seemed too fussed, he showed a quick surprise and then just shrugged his shoulders and bared his teeth again. I think I was trying to smile, he's not very good at it.

Dar dattttt, datttt, dats all Folks'

Scratch ya later