Toy Boys Yet To Be.....

Post date: 25-May-2010 14:24:50

Hello biatches!

Today, some Other Monkeys came over to the house in a large white Mobile Kennel, sorry Car Van. They were here to fix the water outlet hole in the wall, the "Water Pipe". And, guess what? Their Dog came with them. A Pomeranian Puppy. What a cool dog! He was still a pup, but give it a year and then, my new Toy Boy, Dog.

We had fun playing and checking out the pee-mails, while the Monkeys stood around and screeched at each other in their normal monkey chatter way. We spend about an hour mucking about, such a cute pup, and lots of fun to play with. The Monkeys left taking him with them. :( Sad face. But, he yelled out that he wanted to come back and play some more. I thinks that I will see him again. A new friend for me. I have met a lot of dogs lately. So cool!

Anyway, that's all. Have to go sniff my butt now.

Lucy Lue