They call him Dog Man.....

Post date: 14-Apr-2010 23:06:11


Was on the interwebs last night watch videos over at my favorite site "YouPooed", you know, the site where the users uploads their videos of them doing poops.

There was this one video that I watched, the dog pooped in his monkeys foot glove and the monkey put his foot in it and he went mental! SOOO FUNNY! Rolf! and then, get this, he did it to the monkey again! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, I love it!

While I was there I saw this video some dog sent in of a Grey Back Monkey that was trying to talking like us. I was a bit rude, but very funny. This monkey starts to yell and the words that came out of it's mouth. Gosh! Even I couldn't come up with that much filth.

Calling his partner monkey a:

"f&#king Kennel banana tree sun bitch Dog tricycle poo poo sh7t cow cow cow moo, moo, moo, hello how are you to day? cat! Cat! night time, throw the ball, throw the ball, pig."

So very funny, even if it made no sense at all. Like I have said in the past, it is so funny when the stupid monkeys try to speak, but this one! so far, takes the cake!

He then went on to imitate a Dog Choir and he was off key! These monkeys are so amusing, it is almost as if they display some sort of rudimentary intelligence and language skills. But we all know that really can't be the case.

I do hope that they do keep it up though, I so do like to be kept amused!


Lucy Lue