Ball tosser!

Post date: 11-Apr-2010 08:17:28


My Monkey is at it again. The great Ball Tosser! I get him to throw my exercise ball again, today. He was on his computer again, playing games and shreeking and making grunting noises as he always does at the machine. I got him off his sitting device and outside to help me keep fit. A girl's got to keep her figure!

All My Monkey wanted to seem to do, other than sit at the computer, is drink hot, hot water with dried leaves in it. Whats the deal with that? Sometimes it's black beans in hot water, then next time its dry leaves in hot water, and I have seen other monkeys do the same. They sure are a weird lot, with some very odd tastes in food. Who in their right mind would drink hot water? Well I never!

Thats all for now, I am hanging out for dinner, wish My Monkey would hurry up. Slow pr#ck!

Bye for now