Google Looses Blog Entries. Stop. Typed in again. Stop.

Post date: 23-Feb-2011 22:08:17

Hey Dogs!

This stupid site has lost my last two or three blogs. I hope the heck that no monkeys are messing with my webs.

So, this is the latest guff from your Queen Lucy. I have been well, though My Monkey didn't want to go walkies for a whole week. Dragged his sorry arse out eventually. Not much happening of late. Had a visitor for a week, another monkey called "Jarsand", well it sounds like that anyway. "Jarsand" used to share the old, old cave with me and My Monkey, many, many moons ago. He came to visit for food and sheltering in our cave, and to see me of course! He doesn't play a lot like other monkeys, but he does give a good back scratch.

Been a bit hard to update lately. My Monkey has given my Notebook to his monkey sister to use. Now I am stuck with this farging Mini-me Computer to use. How the stupid My Monkey uses it I will never know, the screen is no bigger than a book, the keyboards I have to poke with a stick to use ands I can't put my iBone into it! Though it is easy to carry in my mouth.

Met a new hot, young and tiny male the other day. He fully submitted to my rule! That is so hot when the inferior male bows down to me. So far I have met him four times, when I am dragging my lard arse monkey out for walkies.

This all I have for now.

More stuff next time and maybe something new.


Lucy Lue Wilson