Quarks, Ups, Downs and other Flavours.

Post date: 05-May-2010 17:18:59

Hello My Biatches and the Lesser Male Dogs too.

Looking up in the sky this dark day, I saw a streak of light across the heavens. It was a falling rock and it got me a thinkin about the smaller stuff, the stuff that we's be made of. Yep! Tiny, tiny Adams.

These Adams are sooooo small, that you can't even sniff them. Yeah, that is reallll small. Did you's know that these Adams are made up of small stuffs. And the smaller stuffs are made up of even smaller stuffs again. Really! It's true. The Nucleus, the centre stuff is made up of Protodons and Newtons, sometimes. Yep. And around the outer side, spins Elections. Lets take Hydrogen for example. It has a Nucleus of One Protodon and One Elections spinning around it. It has no Newtons.

Now, if we smash this Adam against the wall really, really, really fast, say near the speed of Sun. The it fly's apart into lot and lots of little stuffs. This stuffs is the Quarks of which there are Flavours, Ups, Downs and Left and Right Spins, then there is Pions, and the Glue holding it together Glue On To The Stuffs.

So, I am thinking, if I can get a patent on these Glue On To The Stuffs particulates, then all the creatures in the world would have to pay me to keep sticking themselves together, if not, then I takes the Glue On To The Stuffs till they pay me.

I will be taking the payment in Meat, Bones of Dead Cats. Please....

Thats it for now.