Pooed For The Gods

Post date: 24-Apr-2010 14:19:18

Hey, I have finally figured out that My Monkey is also using the pee-mail sender, the toilet, to send poo as well. I leave me poo's outside for the Gods just like any civilized dog should. He spends hours and hours sitting on that thing, he must be doing some real heavy praying! Wonder what he has done wrong?

Another funny, as in funny strange thing happened with My Monkey today. After he was finished praying and sending pee-mail his whole face swelled up and an went as red a monkey's bottom. His left eye started to close over and he was clutching his stomach and making groaning sounds. He probably got a reply from the Gods while he was sitting on the toilet.s ewwwwww!

So, he stops his moaning noises, but his face and left eye lid are still swollen, this lasts for about 6 hours. Gee, the Gods must really hate him!

His left eye lid has mostly gone down now. He looks allot less like a puffer fish now. Hope it happens to him again. It's very, very funny to watch!

Later on while he was on the computers, the telling bone makes sound. He picks it up and start to make cackling sounds and baring his teeth. He make the usual monkey noises and cackles allot. He put the telling bone down and it makes noises again, and he picks it up again. More cackling from him and monkey noises and then he puts it back down.

Odd? I smelt it and there was no trace of anyone there. I think he is losing his mind. He needs more dogs it what he needs, it is!

Time to go now, have to take him out. He keep lifting up the shinny bar thing with the black round disks on it, too much, have to get him away from that stuff and do some exercise. He does the lifting thing many time each week. He need to get out and walk more. So, now I take him.

Bye for nows.