From Sun Rise to Moon Rise.

Post date: 24-Nov-2010 20:45:36

Hello Dogs.

From Sun Rise to Moon Rise, is how long My Monkey slept for. For 14 Big Hands he slept. It's not hibernation weather, wtf is going on? I knew Monkeys were lazy, lazy animals, but, My Monkey takes the cake. And he is too lazy to even eat that!

Being stuck inside with a snoring, drooling, smelly My Monkey is no fun I tell you. I mean, really! Stuck inside sleeping, when I could be outside sleeping. Just what was he thinking?

Anyway, about a month back, My Monkey and I were out walking in the early times of the night day, when a Stupid Monkey whom was across the way, down another road, grunted and ran towards us. My Monkey just kept walking, I don't think that he knew the Stupid Monkey.

So, the Stupid Monkey starts to run up behind My Monkey and My Monkey hears this Stupid Monkey and My Monkey raises his hands up slightly in front of himself, without the other monkey seeing this happen. Just as this occurs, the Stupid Monkey sees me, as I face towards My Monkey and I stare him down. As soon as he sees me, he stops running up behind My Monkey and heads off at right angles to us.

I stared down that Stupid Monkey. The sound of surprise grunt from the Stupid Monkey as he saw me was hilarious! That Stupid Monkey did't see me walking infront of My Monkey as he ran at him. I was going to rip him a new one, pity he ran off.

Thats all for now,

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