Post date: 20-Apr-2010 16:31:16

Hello "Humanes",

Just got this new "Dog to Monkey" translation software from "Babeldog" and I am just trying it out.

It seems that the monkeys use some kind of scratchings to communicate with each other and not use smells, who'eda thunk it?. So now I know how they do it. If we could only just get them to talk also, then we would be set!

I have been told be my mate Max, that the software is not bad, but it stuffs somethings up in the transgender. Well, at lest it is better than nothing. So, now I can understand My Monkey, when he does the scratchings that is, as long as it is on the computer or the interwebs.

I am putting our words in brackets and the Monkeys words in front while I figure this softwares out. By next blog I should have this down pet!

Had a long night starring at the TV (Glass Box), there was another dog in there and I had to make sure it didn't come into my Houses (Cave), so I will leave it here for now as I am pooded.