Sky Larking

Post date: 22-Apr-2010 03:46:07


The Sky Water is about today, sorry, Rain is falling. We have lots of the rains so all the green ground stuffs are coming up. My Monkey got out his Growling Green Ground Stuffs Breaker, grrrr, Mower, (damn this software still not quiet left), to break the green ground stuffs down. He didn't do a very good job, There is still lots of stuffs left.

After, he comes inside, covered in wet ground and green stuffs and gets it everywhere in my foye'. Messy monkey!

Babbling away to himself he goes into the Blue Hole, Bath, to stand under the running water, I think it's called a "Shower", which is strange, because accord to this translation software, babies are meant to come out of it, a "Baby Shower" and there are meant to be Female Monkeys around to run it. Most peculiar. Then again, no one said these monkeys were logical in any sense of the word!

So he's under the Shower, the water is falling and he starts to howl, his pitch is going up and down and he is making monkey howls in a sing song way. I have seen him do this before under the Shower. Must be some kind of ceremonial behavior monkeys do for the Shower Gods. We offer up poos to our Gods.

Well thats my day so far. Have to go of the cave, house, and check the yard now. Will scratch u later duds!