It's a Dog do Dog World.

Post date: 16-Mar-2011 14:49:14

Hello Fellow Biatches.

Queen Lucy here. Of late I have been, being visited by another suitor. He is of the same ethic group as I this time. I usually go for the foreign males, but this time, maybe I might go vanilla. Maybe. Not sure if he is my type, but he is persistent. For the last four nights he has come over and shared in my food and run amok with me. The only downside is I have to chase him off after he has piddle too much on me and My Stupid Monkey then pours the water over me. The good bit is that My Stupid Monkey does give me a good rub down with one of my towels.

Anyway, so far I have managed to sneak 5 knives, 4 forks and two plates. Just have to start on the bowls next. I hid the plates just to f*ck with My Monkey! I mean, really! What use do I have for plates! Ha Ha Ha Ha, he is going nuts trying to find them. This amuses me....

Till next time