The Day The Night Came During The Day

Post date: 09-Apr-2010 10:07:54

Weird thing happened this morning, all the inside suns went out and the computer stopped working.

My Monkey started to act strangely. He got up from his sitting device and started to take stuff out of the box like things and put them in the tall hollow trees, the ones with the see through bark fronts. Then he when outside, and get this, I got him to throw my exercise ball for me. I would bring it back and he would throw it for me again. HA HA HA HA HA, I had this fool doing this for ages! He just stood there getting fat while I got to exercise, silly My Monkey.

Anyhooo, the inside suns came back on and I went and laid down on my queen (Lucy) sized bed. A lovely rest till dinner time.

Bye and Woof for now.