Home no the Range.

Post date: 18-May-2010 03:48:04


My Monkey did it again, snivelling shite. He didn't take me out again, but, but, he went to sleep instead! What an arse. It gets to about like 11 pm and he just pikes it. This has been happening alot lately, him going to bed at night.

I fixed him. I woke him up every three hours like I all ways do, and he was soooo grumpy! Hahahahahaha, lol. Teach that bastard for not going out with me on a walk.

Tonight I am going to nag him till he gives in and takes me. The lazy bastard needs the exercise, he is getting too fat. I want more meat on the body when it dies. Makes for better eating.

Chow for now.

Lucy Lue