Natures Feast.

Post date: 30-Apr-2010 16:14:49

Hello again,

Was walking with My Monkey the other night and get this, I found a dead bird. Can you believe it a Dead Bird!! Could it get any better!

Sos, I picks up this dead bird and continues walking and next thing I know I see a whole beef knuckle bone, THE WHOLE BONE WITH SOME MEAT ON IT ! ! Oh Gaurd! Be still my beating heart, meat. I drops the bird, grabs the knuckle bone and start to munch out. My Monkey continues to walk on, so I grab the bone and follow, chomping on the way.

Now get this, you wouldn't read about. Up ahead, a cat, A FRICKIN CAT! Could this day get any better, it just did, A FRICKIN CAT!

Now I have a dilemma. Hang onto the bone or chase the cat, hang onto the bone or chase the cat, decisions, decisions. I figure, there is always going to be evils pussy, but not knuckle bones with meat on them. So, I keep the bones and leave the cat till another day. Such is life, It never dribbles water from the sky, it pores and pores. And today, was such a day. Or should I say, such a night.

This happened two suns ago, I have that bone still, and we are very happy together.