He Smells.

Post date: 15-May-2010 05:18:21


It's been two days TWO DAYS, without an outing. My Monkey gets a wet nose and I get stuck back at the cave for two whole fricking days. I get a wet nose and yeah, I am healthy, My Monkey get a bit wet in the nose area, and It's the end of life as we know it.

It seems most monkeys hate to have a wet nose and they totally wimp out. I had to badger My Monkey for those two days to get it to take me out. It goes all wimpy and winey when it's nose gets wet. Any Dog would think that this Monkey is a total wuss. At least I got it to go walkies with me.

We will see over the next few days if it wimps out again. It's nose is less wet now.


Lucy Lue